Montecatini Terme has been known since ancient times for the beneficial properties of its thermal waters.
Water fed by four springs that rise from a aquifer 60-80 meters deep and that, on the way to the surface, are gradually enriched with numerous mineral salts.
Waters that give them their characteristic salt flavor and proven natural therapeutic relevance.



The historic Terme Tettuccio, included in the wellness programs of Palazzo BelVedere, and built between 1779 and 1781, are the most monumental and representative building in Montecatini Terme, symbol of the recognition of Unesco World Heritage Site, with the inclusion in the list of 11 “Great Spa of Europe”.
Immersed in a wonderful park adorned with centuries-old trees, the Terme Tettuccio were built by the architect Gaspero Maria Paoletti and then renovated by Giovannozzi according to the concept of ancient Roman baths.

People have been going there since ancient times in a completely spontaneous way to drink water through hydropinic cure, a real beneficial tasting that involves drinking thermal water as a drink. Waters named after their respective sources: Tettuccio, Regina, Leopoldina and Rinfresco.


Thermal Park

Known to everyone as the pine forest, the Thermal Park is the green heart of our city.
And in embracing the beautiful thermal baths, it welcomes with gentle sweetness anyone who wants to walk immersed in a garden of majestic and impressive evergreens.
The park is located right in front of Palazzo BelVedere, and the fronds of its centuries-old trees are always visible looking out the windows of our cozy refuge.

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