Light and Shadow.
Light and Dark.
Dynamism and Rest.
Quiet and Movement.
Here the balance between opposites is balanced and amplified.

Palazzo BelVedere has its own alphabet made of beauty, culture, hospitality and well-being. An alphabet that becomes a language in respect and love for the guest.
A language of hospitality that the Galligani family, since 1969, has continued to evolve and renew, year after year.



An authentic circular well-being based on the harmony of the four Elements and the four Seasons, which goes beyond standardized formulas. This means that being well concerns the person, collaborator or guest, the community that surrounds them and, to close the circle, the planet.

Palazzo BelVedere can be accessed by walking on the water, an element that is of immense value in Montecatini Terme. It is a purifying ritual: taking off your shoes to leave behind the rush of daily life and enter the new dimension of hospitality.



Palazzo BelVedere is a hotel in Montecatini Terme that has a privileged location.
If we look downstream: the city, the thermal baths, the vast Thermal Pine Forest.
If we look up upstream: the hill, the olive trees, the funicular and the upper town.
Our private park and the Circular Garden are the natural continuation of the Terme Tettuccio park, the same trees, picturesque views, thermal springs, numerous botanical and floral varieties, covering an area of 40,000 m2: it seems like the description of a corner of natural paradise, in reality it is much closer than you might think.



A light comes on and the shadows shine on the olive floor, precious wood for precious guests.
Inside, the light of Gae Aulenti's Pipistrello lamp shakes on tiptoes and caresses the iconic design furniture, the Tuscan upholstered furniture, the Scapolare chair by Giovanni Michelucci.
Outside, an aesthetic only apparently austere, tells the century of history of a Palace surrounded by water, which has always been devoted to hospitality.

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