La Dispensa,

Come in. Open the doors, the drawers, the refrigerator.
La Dispensa is your home, you can take anything you want, at any time of the day. And of the night.
Nothing like browsing the kitchen driven by the desire to munch on something, creates the feeling of being at home.

We created La Dispensa precisely to allow you to live this experience, so that you can feel at home away from home.
In total freedom.

Opening times
The workshop
All La Dispensa products can be purchased, so you can take home what you like the most.



In La Dispensa of Palazzo BelVedere you will always find fresh fruit, cakes of the day, our bread to accompany organic artisanal jams, flavored waters and then more herbal teas, tea, infusions and yogurt.

Vegetables and fruits are also available to create extracts and centrifuges independently or by asking our staff.

From the Field to the Plate

Unique Gastronomic Experiences

Discover the culinary art in a unique and engaging dimension with Chef Daniele Ciofi's cooking courses.
Immerse yourself in the secrets of the Tuscan tradition, learn refined techniques and discover authentic ingredients that will create a sensory journey, discovering the flavors and passions that animate our cuisine.

An Evening of Delights

Private Dinner at La Dispensa

Treat yourself to an exclusive and refined evening with our private tasting dinners in La Dispensa.
Celebrate the authentic flavors of our land, with a menu created especially for you by Chef Daniele Ciofi.
Between soft lights and an enveloping atmosphere, experience a culinary journey that delights the senses and creates indelible memories.

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