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Nestled in the rolling Tuscan hills, it is a gem renowned for its thermal springs and refined atmosphere that, since the 18th century, attracted many people interested in hydroponic thermal treatments and well-being, including famous people such as Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini and Vittorio Emanuele II.
Today, Montecatini Terme is one of the Great Thermal Cities in Europe recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the only one in Italy.
With its ancient Terme Tettuccio and the most recent buildings in liberty and neo-Gothic style, it is among the most prestigious thermal resorts.

Terme Tettuccio



An unmissable stop for those who decide to stay in Montecatini Terme and where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Valdinientale from above.
Accessible by car, on foot via the La Corta hill path or the historic funicular from 1898, Montecatini Alto is located a few steps from Palazzo BelVedere. Two red trains, Gigio and Gigia, take you to the top in just a few minutes, giving you truly suggestive scenarios and views.
Come on, you'll find bars and restaurants to cheer up the real historic center of Montecatini.



We'll take you for a walk to introduce you to paths and trajectories that are a bit out of the ordinary.
The main attractions of Tuscany will be known to you, but perhaps you don't know that in Florence there is the fairytale world of Barthel. Or that in Fiesole there is Villa Roseto, where the Michelucci Foundation is located, complete with a magnificent garden and a view of the city of Florence.
Perhaps you don't even know that the best salami sandwich in the area can be tasted at Severino, a grocery store in Matraia, with a small panoramic terrace that alone is worth a visit.
Not to mention Slitti's delicious and award-winning chocolate in Monsummano Terme, or the angel attributed to Leonardo inside the church of San Gennaro. And then the farmhouse in Fuso or Montecarlo, where good wine and fried chicken reign supreme.

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TUSCAN beauty and goodness

At Fonte dei Marmi there is the Belvedere Bath with which we could only be twinned. And again the beauties of Pietrasanta, a renowned city of art.
In Buonconvento, a few kilometers from Montalcino, you can visit the Resta farm and taste Anna Lisa's amazing wine and the castle of Villa Torre, a place where we occasionally indulge in parties and events that are nothing short of suggestive.
Not to mention Carrara, the Val d'Orcia, Florence, Pisa, Collodi, Vinci, Siena and countless enchanted villages.

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